Awaken to Life and Style…

When we awaken to life in Christ, we are fully alive and awake in every way: fully able to give and receive love, fully released to express our beauty inside and out, and fully able to wear the beauty of Christ authentically.

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Our Space

Before we moved in, we refurbished this amazing space, which was once one of Athens’s original grocery stores.

Come see our soaring ceilings.

Shop, or just soak in the creative beauty of our store. Pick up a book. Phone home. Breathe. Our space is your space.

Our Prayer Wall

Not just shopping: community.

May we pray for the concerns of your heart? We’d be honored. Leave a tag on our prayer wall or take one and share a burden.

We have also added a table devoted to prayer for soldiers and their families. Join our army of prayer warriors.

Our Aesthetic

Clothes don’t create beauty, but they can reflect it. Our style choices can also express our joy at being who God made us to be. At Epiphany we want to help your light shine in every way.

Come play in our closet

Let us help you find your personal best look — for everyday or for a special event .

Offering a limited number of each piece ensures your style will be your own.

How could we live without denim?

Many shapes, washes, colors, watched over by our beloved ‘57 International.

Yes, we love boots and shoes, too!

A carefully curated collection adorns a front wall.

Boho chic hits the Athens streets.

Outfit your inner artist at the corner of Washington and Pulaski.

At Epiphany you can choose a comfy Saturday morning outfit or the dress that will light up Saturday night.

Compassionate Curating

Some artisans draw us through their stories of mission and compassion. We seek out and offer goods from such companies with a heart for ending the cycle of poverty and creating a brighter, more beautiful world.

Providing Opportunities

Sseko’s “Send a Girl to College” program in Uganda provides mentors for girls and fabulous sandals for our shoe wall.

Providing Jobs

Mata Trader’s fabric and dresses are crafted by women in India working for a living wage.

Any time of year, we have a gift for gifts.

Come explore on your own, or we will gladly tour you through to unique gifts of the current season. House-warming, wedding, anniversary, welcome or friendship—gift items for the home bring blessing.

What makes a home? We think it’s you.

Home happens in a space with you and those you love. Home embraces and exudes experiences for every sense. Candles are always a staple at Epiphany.

Light fills homes—as do memories. Repurposed treasures, artisan-crafted elements, and whimsical fixtures make room for new memories at Epiphany.

Welcome. Gather. Live. Share. Make your space a true home.

Finish off with some basics: rugs, baskets, pillows, candles, wall-hangings – simple necessities, always on hand at Epiphany.

We believe in your family. Relationships deserve nurturing, especially in small moments and gestures. Each Epiphany purchase bears meaning beyond itself: you enable us to give substantially to “the least of these.”